Turf & Weeds

Frequently Asked Questions

Turf Establishment & Management FAQs
  1. With cool season grasses is it good to aerate in spring and then seed the lawn?
  2. I had sod installed on a sandy ground and it does not seem to be rooting down.  What can I do?
  3. Are lawn fertilizers basically all the same?  Particularly with the lower cost store brand or off brand, or the big name brands?
  4. I have a large Linden tree and the turf under it does not grow well.  I think it because the tree is taking all the water.  What kind of fertilizer do I need to make it grow?
Turf & Landscape Insects
  1. I have mounds of soil in lawn, I think it is worms. Could it be anything else? Earthworms
  2. This is a viewer that has pavement ants where the concrete foundation and wooden structure of the house meet. They say it is difficult to get a granular control in there in the basement. How can they kill them? Pavement ants
  3. Last year we had an infestation in the yard of very large, black & yellow wasps, which I understand are cicada killer wasps.  How can I get rid of them? Cicada killer wasps
  4. Grasshoppers are chewing up my vegetables and flowers.  How can I get rid of them? Grasshoppers
Turf Diseases
  1. Every year my lawn develops brownish areas, where dead grass blades are mixed with green blades. Sometimes there appears to be a circular pattern to the areas, but not always. I think this is a disease problem, but haven't had success getting rid of it. What do you recommend? Brown patch
Weed Control
  1. What is the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicide to my lawn to control crabgrass, foxtail and annual broadleaf weeds?
  2. How can I control henbit?
  3. My neighbor had nutsedge last year; did the seed blow into my lawn? If so, how will I get rid of it?
  4. How can we control nutsedge in our yard?
  5. I have many weedy trees in my fence line, I would like to cut them down and apply Tordon. I do have some desirable cedars nearby. Will Tordon effect the cedars?<
  6. How and when do you control nimblewill?
  7. I have a vining weed in my flower beds and lawn with thin stems and alternate, spade-shaped leaves.  It has white or pinkish flowers. Is this bindweed and how can I get rid of it?
  8. How can you control Wild Violets in a lawn without killing the turf?