September Garden Activities

Honeybee  Protect honeybees. Use caution when applying insecticides to flowering plants.

Lily  BulbsHerbs

  • Plant or divide peonies now.  Bury the crowns only 1 to 1 1/2 inches below the soil.  Planting them deeper than 2 inches can result in poor blooming.
  • Bring in cuttings of geraniums, herbs, or other perennials.
  • Dig summer flowering bulbs, cure and store in an appropriate place.  Plant spring blooming bulbs.  An inexpensive colorful golf tee is a great way to mark dormant bulb plants. 

Icon for Strawberry

  • September is the time to ensure a good harvest from your strawberry planting next year. Strawberry flower buds begin to form in late summer, making this an important time of year to maintain good moisture levels in your strawberry bed. Plants generally required 1 ½- 2 inches or more of water each week depending on soil type and weather conditions. Apply enough water to wet the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches.


  • Plant balled and burlap or container stock of adapted trees.


  • Bring in house plants before night temperatures drop below 50°F.  Inspect plants for insects.  Bring in amaryllis and allow to go dormant.

Fruit Trees

  • Pickup and destroy windfall apples to reduce numbers of overwintering insects.


  • Properly cure onions and gladiolus for winter storage.  Discard diseased onions or bulbs.


  • Termites and carpenter ants cause extensive structural damage to homes.  Check for the presence of these pests at least once a year.
Calendar Symbol Key
Apple Apple
Birds Birds
Broadleaf plants Tree
Bulbs Bulbs
Cherry Cherry
Evergreen plants Evergreen Tree
Garden cleanup Rake
Garden prep & Harvest Shovel
Grape Grapes
Herbs Herb
Household issues House
Houseplants Violet
Insect control Beetle
Iris Iris
Lawn care Grass
Lawn applications Fertilizer bags
Melons Melon
Mowing Mower
Onions Onion
Peach Peach
Pear Pear
Perennials Lily
Pesticide applications Sprayer
Pets Pet
Planting Trowel
Plum Plum
Poinsettia Poinsettia
Pruning Pruners
Raspberry Raspberry
Records, Orders & Education Pencil
Roses Rose
Strawberry Strawberry
Vegetables Tomato
Watering Hose
Weed control Dandelion
Wildlife Rabbit