Landscaping Videos

Green Roof
Campus Green Roof Project, 6/2011
Green Roof Demonstration Project, 5/2013
Prairie Green Roof, 6/2012

Acreage Landscape Design, 8/2011
Concerns With New Landscapes, 9/2011
Gardening in Small Spaces, 8/2009
Gardening on Slopes, 9/2007
Landscape Color Considerations, 6/2011
Site Assessment Part I- New Home,
Garden Steps with John Fech 9/2009

Site Assessment Part II- Older Landscape,
Garden Steps with John Fech 9/2009

Late Spring Bloomer for Early Color, 5/2011
Restoration Landscape, 8/2008
Shade Gardening Challenges, 8/2010

Native/Prairie Landscapes
Native Landscapes, 7/2008
Natural Landscape, 6/2008
Prairie Grass, 9/2009


Nebraska Landscapes
A Tour of Lauritzen Gardens, 8/2009
Alliance Gardens, 8/2007
Bluebird Nursery, 5/2011
Children's Garden at Lauritzen, 8/2009
Henry Doorly Zoo's Garden of the Senses, 8/2011
HOPE Garden, 8/2009
Maxwell Arboretum, 7/2010
Nebraska Governor's Residence, 8/2007
Sandoz Memorial Garden, 8/2007
Shade Garden at Lauritzen, 8/2009
Spring Creek Prairie, 9/2009
Spring Creek Prairie- 2001, 9/2011

Ponds & Water Plants
Crystal Clear Pond, 8/2013
Keim Hall Pond Update, 8/2012
Plants for Pond, 6/2010

Rain Gardens
Plant Selection for Rain Gardens, 5/2009
Rain Gardens, 7/2007
Rain Gardens, 5/2011
Rain Gardens, Bioswales and Pervious Pavement, 5/2012

Raised Beds & Retaining Walls
Constructing a Raised Bed, 5/2011
Raised Beds for Vegetable Gardening, 6/2010
Retaining Wall, 6/2010

Rock Garden
Creating a Rock Garden, 7/2011

Winter Landscape
Ten Plants for Winter Interest, 2/2011

Equipment Videos

Winterize Your Lawnmower, 11/2011
Cleaning Your Garden Tools, 9/2012

Chainsaw Safety, 8/2012
Small Tree Removal, 8/2012

Spring Mower Prep, 4/2013

Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse, 6/2012
Garden Recycling , 5/2010

Calibrating Sprayers, 6/2010
Wand Applicator, 8/2013

Attachments for Compact Tractors
, 12/2102
Beginner's Tips For Buying Garden Tools, Garden Steps with John Fech 4/2009
Pruning Tools for Beginners, Garden Steps with John Fech 4/2009

Irrigation Videos

Assessing Parched Landscape Needs, 7/2012
Watering Drought Stressed Trees & Shrubs, 7/2012
Water Wise Garden
, 8/200

Irrigation Equipment
Drip Irrigation, 4/2013
Home Irrigation Checkup, 4/2008
Irrigation Tune-Up, 6/2010
Yard and Garden Irrigation Equipment Basics,
Garden Steps with John Fech 5/2009

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Barrels, 6/2011

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Dry conditions persist in Nebraska.  Stay informed on current conditions, and public water utilities restricting water use. Visit UNL Drought Resources.