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Hort Update for July 14, 2014

Lawns Major Symptom:
1. Little on "to do" list for July Other than watering, little to do for lawns
2. White grubs Preventive products best applied by mid-July
3. Post emergence crabgrass control Quinclorac still industry standard
4. Yellow nutsedge control Thriving in lawns now
5. Seed buffalograss ASAP NebGuide says up to Aug. 15 but the sooner the better
6. Some disease  beginning to appear in lawns June rains promoted foliar fungal infections
Trees & Shrubs  
7. Red maples - not leafing or poor canopy Winter injury not improving
8. Iron chlorosis - River birch and others  Yellow leaves with darker green veins
9. Apple scab & cedar apple rust Foliar lesions, yellowing and leaf drop on ornamentals
10. Hunting for Emerald Ash Borer EAB infested trees likely infested by common borers, too
Landscape Ornamentals  
11. Budworm of petunia & geranium Small green-to-brown colored worms; small holes in flower buds and leaves
Fruits & Vegetables  
12. Codling moth (apple & pear) "Apple worm" a serious pest of apples and pear; grayish brown moth, 5/16 inch length
13. Brown rot (peach, cherry, plum) Infected fruits quickly rot and dry out, covered with masses of browish-gray spores
14. Fruit tree pruning Stimulating new growth by heavy pruning is not recommended now
15. Powdery mildew (cucumber, squash, melons) Whitish-gray talcum-like spots or patches on leaves
16. Blossom end rot (tomato) Leathery, brown dry rot on base of the fruit
17. Bacterial leaf spot & speck (tomato) Leaf spots and fruit spots with white or yellow halos
18. Tomato leaf distortion - herbicide, virus, leaf roll? Several causes of tomato leaf distortion are possible
19. Weed control in the vegetable garden Control weeds to improve harvest, and minimize weed seed for next season


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