Tree & Shrub Selection Videos

Drought Tolerant Trees & Shrubs
2013 Tree & Shrub Replacement, 5/2013
Drought Survivors: Shrubs, 9/2012
Old Fashioned Shrubs- Survivors and Pruning, 5/2013

Evergreen Trees
Evergreen Selection, 2/2012
Dwarf Evergreens, 5/2010
Good Evergreens for the Midwest, 5/2011

Fruit Tree
Good Fruit Tree Selection, 6/2009
Unusual Fruits- Persimmon, Pawpaw, Corneliancherry Dogwood, Dolgo Crabapple, 9/2008
Crabapples, 4/2010

ReTree Nebraska
ReTree Nebraska: Eight for 2008, 5/2008
ReTree Nebraska: Update 2009, 9/2009
ReTree Nebraska: Eleven for 2011, 8/2011

Diverse Evergreens for Windbreaks, 7/2012
Tree & Shrub Buying Keys, 4/2008
Tree Buying Tips, 5/2012
Shade Trees in the Landscape, Garden Steps with John Fech 6/2009
Placement of Ornamental Trees in the Landscape, Garden Steps with John Fech 6/2009
Plants for Fall Color, 10/2011

Picking and Pruning Hydrangeas, 4/2010
Shrub Roses, 8/2008
Shrubs for the Home Landscape, 8/2008
Spring Flowering Shrubs & Trees: Lilacs, Koreanspice viburnum, red flowering horsechestnut, northen lights azaleas & mountain silverbell, 5/2008
Ten Shrubs for Nebraska, 5/2010

Oak Trees, 6/2013
Planting Under Trees, 4/2013
ReTree NE 13 for 2013, 9/2013
Spring Blooming Trees, 5/2012
Trees for Western Nebraska: Ponderosa, limber, pinyon and bristlecone pines; rocky mountain juniper, 8/2010
Unusual Tree Forms, Sizes & Coloration: 'Jade Butterfly' gingko, 'Rainbow Pillar' serviceberry, 'Red Majestic' walkingstick, variegated Japanese pagoda dogwood, 'Cascade Falls' baldcypresss, 5/2010
Uniques Aspects of Beautiful Trees: Flowers, shape, color, bark, 4/2008

Winter Landscape
Ten Plants for Winter Interest, 2/2011


Tree & Shrub Management Videos

Damage Management
Evergreen Winter Kill, 4/2013
The Myth of Home Remedies, Garden Steps with John Fech 6/2009
Saving Hail Damaged Plants, 6/2009
Saving Hail Damaged Trees, 7/2009

Fall Care
Fall Clean Up, 9/2009

Tree & Shrub Fertilizing, Garden Steps with John Fech 5/2009

Care for Flooded Trees, 9/2011
Effects of Landscape Flooding, 7/2011
Flood Update-2012, 6/2012
Tree Survivors Following Flood, 9/2012

Bagworm Control, 5/2010

Fall Tree Planting 10/2010
Planting Bareroot Trees, 4/2011
Planting Trees & Shrubs, 4/2013
Bareroot Planting at Dublin Nursery, 4/2007
Stem-girdling Roots 4/2013
Tree Planting: Container or Grow Bag?, 4/2010
Tree Planting Tips 4/2007
Tree Production in Grow Bags at Great Plains Nursery, 9/2009

Inorganic Mulch, Garden Steps with John Fech 7/2009
Mulch Problems Solved, Garden Steps with John Fech 7/2009
Ten Mulches, 6/2011
The Benefits of Mulching, Garden Steps with John Fech 7/2009

Tree Inspection
Inspecting Your Home Trees, Garden Steps with John Fech 6/2009
Tree Hazards, 12/2011

Green & Growing Tip: Watering Trees, 7/2013
Fall Tree Watering, 8/2013

Young Tree Care
Spring Care for Young Trees, 4/2009
Young Tree Care, 6/2007

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